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A Rhinoplasty is commonly referred to as a nose job.  Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to improve the shape and appearance of the nose.  A nose job or rhinoplasty can be accomplished by several different approaches, including a non surgical rhinoplasty and a surgical rhinoplasty. A surgical rhinoplasty can be performed by either an open rhinoplasty, where a virtually invisible incision is made on the columella (the part of your nose between your nostrils), or by a closed rhinoplasty approach where no incision is visible. The type of rhinoplasty that will be right for you will depend on many factors, all of which will be discussed during your consultation at our Beverly Hills office. When performed by a skilled Facial Plastic Surgeon with a keen eye for aesthetics, a Rhinoplasty can help achieve balance and symmetry of one’s facial features.


As well as its cosmetic value, the nose has an important functional component.  It is extremely important when undergoing a Rhinoplasty or nose job to have a skilled  Facial Plastic Surgeon who has specialized training in the form and complex functions of the nose. In addition to being one of the leading Plastic Surgeons specializing in Rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Aharonov is also a Board Certified Otolaryngologist. This means that he has additional years of specialized advanced training in nasal function and nasal surgery. This ensures that you get the most optimal cosmetic result, while maintaining or improving your breathing capacity. 

See What Your New Nose Will Look Before Your Rhinoplasty

Dr. Aharonov utilizes state of the art computer imaging techniques to help you visualize how  your new nose will look after a rhinoplasty or nose job. During your rhinoplasty consultation, you will discuss the areas of your nose you wish to improve, and how these improvements will affect the overall look and balance of your face. Working together, you and Dr. Aharonov will come up with a realistic, individualized expectation of your rhinoplasty. 

Dr. Aharonov believes rhinoplasty surgery should be individualized. This specialized computer imaging software allows you and Dr. Aharonov to communicate, and decide on the look that is right for you. During the rhinoplasty consultation, Dr. Aharonov can also go over actual rhinoplasty patient results, and how they compared to the before rhinoplasty surgery imaging software results.


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Open Rhinoplasty versus Closed Rhinoplasty

Many plastic surgeons promote either the closed Rhinoplasty or the open Rhinoplasty. Dr. Aharonov takes an individual approach to each patient. Depending on their starting point, and the look they want to achieve, each patient is assessed and the type of Rhinoplasty that is best for that patient is determined. Dr. Aharonov is a premier Rhinoplasty specialist and is highly skilled in both the Open Rhinoplasty and Closed Rhinoplasty surgeries, thereby assuring that each patient receives individualized treatment to reach their optimal goal without having an overdone "surgical" appearance to their nose.

An Open Rhinoplasty has a small virtually undetectable scar across the septum or vertical strip of tissue between the nostrils. In the majority of people, this part of your nose is facing downward, and is even less noticeable. Utilizing both open or closed Rhinoplasty or nasal surgery techniques, Dr. Aharonov can reduce or increase the size of your nose, refine a nasal hump or an overdeveloped dorsal ridge, modify the shape of the tip of the nose, narrow the span and reduce the appearance of the nostrils, or change the angle between the nose and upper lip. Dr. Aharonov can also correct defects that have occurred to the nose after a traumatic injury, or broken nose, and can also relieve breathing difficulties.


Click Here To See More Before & After Photos

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