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What is a Brow Lift or Forehead Lift?

A Brow Lift or Forehead Lift can address several of the signs of facial aging, or elevate the brows in a person that was born with genetically lower brows. Creases or deep lines across the forehead, and frown lines or vertical lines between the eyebrows can be minimized and smoothed with a Brow Lift. Low or sagging eye brows can be repositioned to an elevated, more alert and youthful position by a Brow Lift. A sagging brow can cause drooping of the upper eyelid, which can impair your vision or result in a tired or angry appearance.

Dr. Aharonov gives each patient a personal evaluation and recommendations depending on their specific goals and needs. There are several different Brow Lift techniques that Dr. Aharonov can perform, depending on the individual features of his patients. The endoscopic brow lift uses several small incisions hidden in the scalp, and a tiny camera is inserted to do the Brow Lift. With a temporal or lateral Brow Lift, small incisions are placed within the hairline at the sides of the temples. A hairline incision can also be used when a patient also has a high hairline and would like it to be lowered, or in a person who does not want their hairline position to be changed at all. An endoscopic brow lift can sometimes raise the hairline slightly. With either technique, the eyebrows are elevated and properly positioned, frown lines and forehead wrinkles are diminished, giving a natural more rested appearance.


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Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery


A forehead lift or brow lift is intended to raise the upper eyelids and brows, reduce forehead creases, and soften frown lines. The effect is an opening of the eyes, creating a more awake, alert, and youthful appearance. Relieving heaviness in the brow can eliminate a tired or sinister appearance. An endoscopic brow lift is the most current procedure to lift the forehead and eyebrows. The use of an endoscope, which is a small camera that transmits images to a TV screen, allows Dr. Aharonov to perform a brow lift by making four small inconspicuous incisions in the hairline. To lift the forehead, the muscles tethering the brow are released and the brow is repositioned internally without the removal of skin. This method ensures a natural result, not a “surprised look,” and preserves the integrity of the patient’s hairline. This technique has the advantage of a simpler, shorter postoperative recovery, allowing patients to return to their normal daily activities much sooner. Swelling usually subsides within a week, and the final results may appear within 1-2 months. This procedure is especially useful in patients who have a shorter forehead. Patients who feel their forehead is on the larger side, or who do not want it any bigger, should know that an endoscopic brow lift can sometimes slightly raise the hairline.


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Hairline Brow Lift Surgery

Some patients with a larger forehead or higher hairline might not be good candidates for an endoscopic Brow Lift. Some of these patients might have a better result with a hairline Brow Lift. With this lift, it is possible to actually lower your hairline and make your forehead appear smaller, while elevating your brow. During your consultation with Dr. Aharonov, he will discuss your best options.

The hairline brow lift is performed through an incision that is right at the hairline. It typically takes a few months to heal, and in the vast majority of patients the scar becomes very difficult to find.


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Non Surgical Brow Lift with Neurotoxins or Filler
Neurotoxin Brow Lift

Depending on the patient, a Brow Lift can sometimes be achieved without surgery. A Non Surgical Brow Lift can be achieved in the office using either neurotoxins, such as Botox and Dysport, or facial filler such as Restylane and Juvederm. There are several different ways to elevate the Brows without Brow Lift Surgery, and Dr. Aharonov might recommend a combination of techniques if the patient desires a Non Surgical Brow Lift, and their particular facial features will benefit from this procedure.

When most people think of Botox, they think of getting rid of wrinkles, crow's feet, and deep creases on their forehead. Botox, like other neurotoxins such as Dysport and Xeomin, relaxes the underlying muscle, thereby eliminating facial wrinkles. Few people realize that the position of your brows can be determined by two different muscle groups working against each other. One muscle group is pulling your brows downward, and the other is elevating your brows. When a few strategic injections of neurotoxin are placed along your brows, they can actually weaken the muscles which pull your brows downward. This gives your Brows a small natural lift, which for the right patient, can be all that is needed. This quick and easy Non Surgical minimally invasive Brow Lift takes only a few minutes, and is virtually pain free. You can return to work right after the Non Surgical Brow Lift, but the full result will gradually appear over the next several days.


Filler to Address Brow Deflation

As you begin to age, your skin develops a certain amount of laxity, and begins to sag downwards. Younger people have a small, natural fullness to their brows. With age, this decreases, and your brows slide downwards as they deflate. A few well placed injections of facial fillers beneath and around your Brows can elevate and refill this deflated skin and restore your natural brow position. This virtually pain free, minimally invasive procedure takes only minutes to perform, and you can return to work immediately afterwards. The results are visible right away, but there is some minimal swelling which can take a few days to subside. Often Dr. Aharonov will use a combination of these techniques to provide the best possible Non Surgical Brow Lift and eyelid restoration. During your consultation with Dr. Aharonov you will be able to discuss whether your goals can be accomplished with a minimally invasive NonSurgical Brow Lift, or whether you would do best with a surgical approach. Dr. Aharonov is a skilled Facial Plastic Surgeon who specializes in traditional surgical procedures as well as minimally invasive Non Surgical Alternatives to Facial Rejuvenation. 


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